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With A Voice Like James Earl Jones

Updated: May 14, 2018

Is there someone in your life or history that makes you want to tell their story? Someone people NEED to know about? For me it's my Great Uncle.

One day I will write a book, but first you must hear this VOICE. He is a wonderful storyteller, but with a voice like James Earl Jones he wouldn't even need to be.

466th Airborne Parachute Field Artillery Battalion, Battery A, circa 1944. My Great Uncle Albert is sitting on the first row (bottom), last man on the right.

One of my life-long dreams is to compile all the information I have about my family and do something both creative and archival with it. That way all the great stories we still have can be not only preserved but truly enJOYed by my family, myself, and my daughter.

There is one family member in particular, however, who I would especially love to write a book(s) about.  My Great Uncle, John Albert.  

He may be my Great Uncle, but I have always thought of him more as a long distance Grandfather. My older brother and I adored him growing up...we still do.

As you can see from these pictures, he was an interesting and entertaining man.  

He is truly one in a million.

In fact, he was a:  

  • Depression-era farmboy

  • WWII & Korean War paratrooper

  • Award-winning sharpshooter

  • Career law enforcement official (who never ONCE pulled his gun on a person)

  • Adoptive father of two

  • Brilliant photographer

  • Die-hard Harley lover

  • Remarkable storyteller with a voice like James Earl Jones

I sometimes think of John Albert as my own James Earl Jones because his voice has so much in common with the legendary Mr. Jones.  

His voice is powerful yet comforting, bold yet gentle, soothing yet authoritative.  

Uncle Albert also has a way of describing the simplest things with just enough description to be beautifully tangible.  It's a voice I could listen to read the dictionary and still be soothed.

Yup, it's THAT soothing. Relaxed, dreamy-eyed tabby cat kind of soothing.

My mother once asked John Albert to tell her more about his life.  Even though he wasn't sure what to talk about, he indulged her.

Because of these little cassette tape gems and my talented brother who could digitize them, my own James Earl Jones is at our digital fingertips.  

NOW, I would like to share a piece of this audio treasure.  

YOUR job?

Simply to listen and enjoy a few stories.

Who do YOU love to listen to?

What family member or more obscure historical figure makes YOU want to write a book, make a movie, or regale tales of their adventures??

Please share with me in the comments. I would LOVE to hear about him or her!

Ta ta for now,

- H

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