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Sweet Home, Alaba...er...Boulevard

Well, it's done.

We did it.

And Willa helped!

With the help of my H-Tiques assistants (hubby & daughter) you can now find a selection of my vintage goodies for your perusal 7 days a week. Woot, woot!

Because of the inconsistency of antique fairs and outdoor venues I was getting too swept up in packing and repacking and such to actually work on my upcycled creations, and that was frustrating.

I'm also realistic enough to know I'm not getting the online store set up anytime soon, though my dreamer says 'of course you can.' (Sometimes I have to reign in the optimism...hehe.)

SO, I decided at least for a while, to display some of my goodies in a stable space where anyone could check them out any day of the week. Not to mention I get to have fun 'decorating' whenever I darn well feel like it. Lol.

Who doesn't like to get their decorating creative itch scratched now and then?

Where can you find my stash?

I'm glad you asked.

If you find yourself in Mid-Missouri, Jefferson City to be exact, you can find a rotating inventory of my vintage and retro items at the Missouri Boulevard Antique Mall.

It is open 7 days a week (M-Sat 10-5 & Sun 12-5).

It just so happens the Mo Blvd. Antique Mall is one of my favorite places in town to find good deals on something I'm looking to decorate with, utilize as part of a DIY project, etc.

It's also somewhere Paul and I both like to wonder when we just want to check out some vintage goodies.

Even Willa likes to see all the interesting things and play imagination with them...that's the best.

Besides my little booth, there is everything under the sun in this two story building.

Upcycled items,

antique items,

random retro items from your childhood,

pristine condition,

loved condition,

beat-up/please-DIY-me condition,

you name it.

So check it out!

To find my H-Tiques booth:

Walk in the front door and go up the stairs directly to your left, to the second level.

Turn left into the side room.

See that cubicle-type cluster of booths right in front of you?

I'm on the other side of pegboard divider directly behind the left-most booth/cubicle.

(You should be able to see my Snoopys sitting near the top of the cubicle to help guide you.)

If you're directionally challenged, just ask the ladies downstairs to take you to booth #79.

Once there, check things out.

Find something that grabs your attention or just see what fun items make you smile.

Make sure to grab a piece of candy to 'sustain' you for your perusing excursion and take a sticker to remember where to find updates about my inventory changes.

(I plan to put some new items in every couple of weeks...because who likes a stale booth??)

This is what the booth looks like right now, to help you find your way.

What's in there right now?

Well, here's a short list off the top of my head:

Star Trek

Smurfs (old school, of course)


Sweet Valley High

Glass Jars & Bottles

Vintage Clothing

Kids Wooden Character Puzzles (the BEST kind)

Vintage Linens

Shirt Tales Plushes

X-mas Items

Vintage Kids Books (Teddy Ruxpin, Jem, Garfield, etc.)

...and more I can't remember at the moment. Lol.

I'll be adding more Halloween and X-mas specific items in the next few weeks, as well as changing out some inventory, so follow my H-Tiques Facebook Page to get notified when I do!

Comment below when you make it out to the booth and give me some feedback! Easy on the eyes? Missing something you really wanted to find? Tell me! :)

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