Eight Annotations About H and H-Tiques

Why do people call you H?

A dear friend started calling me that in high school and it just stuck. Since we happened to go on to the same small-ish college, he kept the nickname going. It's followed me ever since. It actually has a new prefix: Dr. I earned my PhD in 2011, so some friends now call me Dr. H.

What does H-Tiques mean, exactly?

Quite simply? It's a combination of my nickname ('H') and 'Antiques.' So essentially, it's my taste of antiques and the upcycling of vintage/antique items.

Why start an antique business?

My father was a hobby auctioneer when I was small, so I got to see a lot of really unique items come into the house. It started an interest in antique items that just grew over the years. My husband happens to share my love of historical intrigue so we had an amazing vintage/modern/eclectic wedding theme that re-kindled my love of auctions. Lol. Between all the things my father collected from auctions over the years and my rekindled auctioning, there is an enormous collection of items that need good homes. So many amazing things and so little space to truly enjoy and display them. I need to share the love! I also love coming up with ideas to upcycle things but I can't keep all those joyful creations to myself, so I need to share with other upcycling lovers who may not have the time, resources, or interest to do it themselves.

What's with the 'Upcycling' thing?

Again, my father had a hand in that. He always wanted company when he was working in his workshop or fixing something outside, so I was always seeing the way he would dream up an idea, draw it up, and then bring it to life. Often that utilized new materials, but sometimes it was re-imagining how to use something a new way. Couple that with a Mom who grew up very simply (thus everything was utilized to its last possible fiber), and you get a girl who loves to re-imagine what something can do and/or bring an item with some history back to life.

What's the purpose of this blog?

1. To share my upcycling ideas, designs, and step-by-step how-tos. (Both the successes and failures, because frankly I want to know how all these 'perfect' DIYs deal with the inevitable screw up or roadbump, don't you??) 2. To share ideas of what we can do in our own living spaces with the vintage or antique items we want to show off. But in a fun, modern way, right? 3. To showcase what antique, vintage, retro, and upcycling items I have for sale, both in the online store (*coming soon) and at in-person events. 4. To let you know where you can find me and my goodies in person, if you live in or will be visiting the Mid-Missouri area. 5. To create a space where we can chat, brainstorm, and virtually congregate over a love of historical goodies or creative adventures!

Who's part of the H-Tiques team?

Officially? Just me. I'm a one-woman H-Tiques show. More correctly, though? My family is always helping out in some way. My 3-year-old daughter likes to 'help' in whatever way she can. Lol. Most days it's more aiding in the levels of joy than efficiency. Hehe. My husband is a rockstar 'Honey, can you help me....' when I need an ear, an opinion, an extra hand, etc. My parents and brothers are always amazing at helping me find goodies, move goodies, and go pick up some crazy item I found that won't fit in my car.

Where can I see or even buy some of your items?

At some point in the future I plan on getting an online store set up RIGHT HERE on the website for those of you who are not local. In the meantime, if you find yourself in Mid-Missouri, I have a rotating inventory of vintage items (and some upcycled too) in a retail location open 7 DAYS A WEEK! Woohoo! You can find me upstairs in booth #79 at the Missouri Boulevard Antique Mall at 1415 Missouri Boulevard in Jefferson City, MO. I will also be visiting one or two Missouri crafting festivals each year, which will be dedicated to my HANDMADE & UPCYCLED items. Those you can find just below on this page under 'Events.' If you are NOT in Missouri, keep an eye on this webpage or my Facebook page for news on my progress setting up the online store.

What kind of 'goodies' do you specialize in?

You know, I always stunk at picking a specialty in nearly every aspect of my life. Lol. H-Tiques is no different. My specialty? Things that stike me. Things that I know someone will just love. Things that are unique but nifty. Things that remind me of my childhood. Things that bring up a visual story in my head about where they might have come from. Things that look like a great upcycling project. So the expanse of goodies is quite large. NOT my specialty? Expensive jewelry. Super crazy expensive antiquities. Essentially things that require an art history degree, gemstone certification, etc. Here are ten different things I can think of in my inventory just off the top of my head: 1. 1950s large metal toy truck with extending ladder 2. Multitude of 1960s-1980s collector glasses (smurfs, star trek, peanuts, etc.) 3. A collection of retro eyeglasses from the 1950s/60s. 4. An assortment of antique photographs, both small and very large, dating back to late 1800s. 5. A plethora of children's wooden puzzles from 1950s-1990s (clifford, peanuts, teletubbies, batman, Disney, etc.) 6. 1950s/60s Christmas light strands and new-in-box replacement bulbs 7. 1940s piano/choral sheet music from Black publishing companies/musicians 8. 1960s/70s ladies boutique 'business' suits 9. Folk art on canvas, on wood, in frames, made into lamps, etc. 10. Framed daguerreotypes.

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