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Wooden H - Blue


Welcome to H-Tiques!

My name is Heather, but many call me ‘H’.

My goal at H-Tiques is to add more joy, stories, comfort, and inspiration to your life.

I don’t just ‘sell antiques,’ I help you acquire pieces that add presence and rejuvenation to your life.

Antique, vintage, retro, and upcycled pieces all have meaning and stories far greater than ourselves.


When you use a brand new porcelain mixing bowl from a chain store, it’s fresh, clean, and untouched. For some, that’s perfection…but for people like us, there is something missing…a presence, a soul, a uniqueness, a story.

Think of that intangible ‘juju’ that you feel when you use your grandmother’s vintage, porcelain mixing bowl with a heft that ensures you this baby ain’t breaking no matter how hard you beat that batter.

Where on earth did you find such a rockin’ mixing bowl??

Questions like that are only the beginning.

You just made your own new story with a mixing bowl you saw on H-Tiques that inspired you to re-love and re-claim. Sweet!!!

This is why I started H-Tiques and why I am so passionate about helping YOU find awesome pieces to re-love or re-juvinate, adding good juju to your life and home.

As a little girl, my Dad was an auctioneer by hobby. I was also very close to my grandmothers who both had some wicked taste and a story for everything. With those kinds of influences, I grew up with a love for the unique, the vintage, and the retro — particularly if there was a good story too!

What part of this picture DOESN’T scream retro? If only I still had that sweater.

Growing up in a family that never wanted anything useful to go to waste made for a childhood full of bringing new life to ‘useless’ treasures.

I was an upcycler before upcycling was even a word.

Let me assure you that upcycling is not nearly as hard or half-baked as some Google searches might make it seem.

I will show you some kick-ass ways to make timeless treasures out of worn-out, unloved, or trash-bound goods.


In fact, here is one of my favorite projects.  My husband and I found a great piece that held a loving history in a local family but they just didn’t have a use for anymore. (Trust me, that picture above shows it far better than it looked.)

We happily vowed to re-love this storied gem and made it a statement piece that now brings an amazing presence to my home and joy to my heart each time I look at it.  All it took was some sandpaper, paint, hardware, and lots of elbow grease.

The guys at the paint store thought we were N-U-T-S.
But doesn’t it look a-freakin-mazing in that eye-popping lime green?! (I’m afraid our unfortunate wall color doesn’t do it any justice.)


Through H-Tiques blog posts, videos, and other surprises, you’ll learn all KINDS of juicy information, like:

  • What the life of a multi-passionate upcycling new mama really looks like (this ain’t no HGTV);
  • A backstage pass to see the delightful new goodies I find or upcycle BEFORE they get put up for sale;
  • Projects YOU can do at home with step-by-step guidance;
  • …and so much more!!!

You’ll also get to watch me succeed…and sometimes fail…at making new upcycled creations.
(Honestly, who doesn’t like to see a good fail from time to time?)

Make sure to bookmark this page and LIKE my H-Tiques Facebook page to see what happens next!!

H-Tiques is nothing if not authentic, honest, and fun!!

Join this new mama in figuring out how to make time for yourself,

enjoy the little things that bring you joy,

and discover the creative comfort of modern vintage and upcycling!!

Love, hugs, and happiness,

Heather (a.k.a. ‘H’)

H-Tiques coming soon! Store items ARE for sale, but are not typical of H-Tique items.