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H-Tiques Is Baaaack!

If you frequented the former H-Tiques.com webpage, you know:

  1. I will be sharing my newest vintage and retro finds, upcycled creations, auction stories, and step-by-step DIY to make your own creations.
  2. I relish in revealing the stories behind these retro relics, as well as my DIY antics, and ‘picking‘ expeditions.
  3. Many of the wicked treasures I find or create will be for sale to a good home.

But NOW I’m also a new Mom and solo-preneuer.

Mommyhood and some unexpected life changes have clarified my priorities and passions.  H-Tiques will now be reflecting this as part of a more personal experience.

I’ll be expanding into connecting with YOU via mommyhood stories, supports for our human/female/entrepreneur/vintage-loving health and happiness, and behind-the-scenes solo-preneurship realities.

H-Tiques now has a reNEWed website, more opportunities for community building, a soon-to-be jam-packed store right HERE at H-Tiques HQ, and frankly, simply more soul.

 as I use this new digital homestead to share AWESOME new projects, treasures, realities of every flavor, and of course, an adorable toddler.

**Bookmark www.h-tiques.com and ‘Like’ my Facebook page so you don’t miss out!**

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H-Tiques coming soon! Store items ARE for sale, but are not typical of H-Tique items.