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Albert in Group Army Photo

With a Voice Like James Earl Jones


One of my life-long dreams is to compile all the amazing information I have about my family and do something both creative and archival with it so that all the great people and stories we still have can be remembered by my family, myself, and my daughter.

There is one family member in particular, however, about whom I am drawn to write a book(s) and potentially other projects.  He is my Great Uncle, John Albert.  Although, I always thought of him more as a long distance Grandfather growing up.  My brother and I adore(d) him.

As you can see from the pictures below, he was an interesting man.  From depression-era farmboy to WWII paratrooper to a rare breed of law enforcement and adoptive father, his life and person is special to me and to nearly all who know him.  He is truly one in a million.
(In the picture above he is on the bottom row, last one on the right…with the great posture.)


I sometimes think of him as my own James Earl Jones because his voice has so much in common with the legendary Mr. Jones.  It is powerful yet comforting, bold yet gentle, soothing yet authoritative.  He also has an amazing way of describing the simplest things with just enough description to be beautifully tangible.  I could listen to him all day.

Thankfully this delightful man not only wrote numerous personal letters, stories, and newspaper editorials but also recorded many stories and writings for my mother when she once asked him to tell her more about his life.  Because of these little cassette tape gems and a wonderful brother of mine who knows how to digitize them, my own James Earl Jones is at my digital fingertips.  Technology really can be a blessing.

But now I would like to share a piece of this treasure.  Both as a way to spread his light and love as well as a form of self-accountability to keep working on this important project.

So please, listen to some of his stories in the audio below.  I hope you enjoy his voice and history as much as I do.



You are and always will be loved and cherished, John Albert.



What voice or sound in your life brings you peace and possibly even takes you back to a ‘simpler’ time?


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